...and welcome to the Naturally Chiropractic November newsletter
An anniversary....
Naturally Chiropractic has so much to celebrate this month, not least that we are nine years old! On the 15th of November 2004, Kurt and Vanessa Edeker handed over the keys and the love and care of their clients to us – and Naturally Chiropractic was born. We are so grateful and happy that you have been with us as we have grown and continued to serve you and your families for nine amazing years.
a wedding....
On November 22nd, Jo Clifford will be getting married! I'm sure you will join us in wishing her and her soon-to-be husband, Peter, the very best for a truly wonderful day and the future.
and a welcome back!.
While Jo is off on honeymoon, we are delighted to welcome Jenny Roppola back to the fold. It wasn't easy, but we did manage to pry her away from baby Charlie for the two weeks.
Toys for Adjustment!
On Wednesday 11th December 2013 we will be holding our 8th Annual Toys for Adjustment Day. Any clients who have an appointment scheduled on that day, will have their usual fee waived in exchange for a toy that will later be distributed to local children by the Salvation Army. Even if you don't have an appointment that day, you can still get involved...
Healthy comfort food

As it gets colder, we start to yearn for warming comfort foods, which tends to rich in grains and carbohydrates.
Try this instead.

Green spaghetti

To make a green spaghetti, take one large courgette per person, and use a spiralizer to shred it (or use a potato peeler to create ribbons). Stir fry in olive oil, coconut oil or butter with onions and garlic. That's it. You're done. Easy.

Next, make a nice comforting sauce, inspired by your favourite cuisine:

Italian ~ use olive oil to fry some garlic and onions, add chopped fresh tomatoes and parsley. And you could add some minced lean meat.

Mexican ~ mash a ripe avocado, add yogurt or mayonnaise then a squeeze of lime juice, a hint of chili and some chopped fresh coriander.

Thai ~ add a big spoonful of Thai curry paste to coconut milk with some peas, spring onions, peppers and fresh basil then simmer until thick.

...and Estelle's favourite ~ add some bacon or pancetta as you stir fry the noodles, then whizz an avocado with lemon juice and pour over the top.

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