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Happy New Year
It's a new year and traditionally the time to make some changes. Everyone likes to think they can make a resolution and stick to it but so often, life gets in the way. The trick is to make changes you know you will stick to.
You could address your goals in a different way – perhaps try to change just one thing each month and see if your goals are realistic.
To start off, why not try walking more – this is one of the easiest ways to maintain your general fitness. With many surfaces slippery from rain or black ice, be careful not to shuffle as that will put extra strain on your spine. It's a good time to brave the beach as there's no ice there.
Naturally Chiropractic
Wellness Plans
If your resolutions have got you thinking about the best and healthiest you can be, talk to Jo and Estelle about our Wellness Plans. Research has shown that regular visits to a chiropractor can help you cope with stress and increase the immune systems response to illness. We can tailor a variety of programmes with weekly or fortnightly wellness and lifestyle plans that will help you meet your own health goals.
Yum!! Food...
This year, we are aiming to dispel some of the myths that have given certain foods a bad reputation – but for all the wrong reasons.
~ Many people stop eating eggs as they are said to be high in cholesterol, which might increase the risk of heart disease. However, eggs don’t raise the bad cholesterol in the blood, they raise the good cholesterol. In fact, studies show that eggs are NOT associated with heart disease.
~ Eggs are a perfect food for humans, loaded with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and unique antioxidants that protect the eyes – plus they are an excellent source of Choline, a nutrient that is very important for the health of the brain.

And here's the really good bit – despite being a high fat food, eating eggs for breakfast is proven to cause significant weight loss compared to a breakfast based on breads, cereals or grains.

~ And always remember, that everything in moderation is a good principal.
And last but by no means least...

We would like to welcome our new acupuncturist on board. Victoria Johnson will be joining us from January 6th. She trained at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York and focuses on treating pain management to fertility, migraine to anxiety.

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