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Here comes the sun!
At long last, the weather is turning, the skies are blue (sometimes) and we all starts focusing on where to go during the summer holidays.
That makes this is the perfect time to get down to the beach. It's just at the end of the road so no excuses. Stop by for an adjustment and we will also give you some tips on what exercises can be done on the beach that will work with your current chiropractic programme.

As a bonus, all that fresh air will make you feel great as will the gentle dose of vitamin D that the sun provides. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is particularly good for enhancing absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc. It's also important in the functioning of your immune system and is made from cholesterol in your body. 

Estelle is off to get her own dose of the sunshine vitamin and will be scuba diving in Indonesia with a very special group of dive buddies. Jo will be looking after all of our Naturally Chiropractic patients and would love to see you.
Jo's in charge for June!
Yum!! Food
After calories being a source of discussion with many a client recently, Estelle decided it was time to add a few notes on why the quality of the calories you are eating is more important than the quantity of the calories you are eating!
This is a very simplistic explanation, but it's food for thought. If you want to know more, click here.... and here for some information on how a Paleo diet might help you.
When is a calorie a bad calorie? Or a good calorie?
There has long been a theory that the number of calories you consume versus calories you expend determines your weight. At it's simplest, that is true, but what really counts is the quality of what you consume and the way each food item effects your body. Different types of food influence chemical reactions within our body and that has a huge impact on how many of the calories you consume ultimately get converted into fat to be used as energy and building blocks for our bodies.

The three food main groups that we need to eat at every meal are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Each of these has their place in our diets, but it's the quality of these foods that determines the quality of our body as a result.


Protein is found in the muscle and organ meats of animals, eggs and nuts, and also in small amounts in vegetables. It increases the metabolic rate (how fast we burn energy), prevents muscle wastage and promotes muscle growth. We need good quality protein from sources that have been raised in pastures and fed the things they would normally eat in the wild.

~ Fats are demonized by dieters across the world, yet fats are good for you as you need them for energy. Our bodies convert fats to energy far more effectively than sugars. We also need fats to produce hormones and build the walls of the cells that cover the majority of our body but especially our nervous system. Focus on good quality fats from oily fish, oily fruits, coconut, nuts and grass fed animals to regulate bodily functions.
~ Carbohydrates are the quick release 'go' juice in our bodies, but most people eat too many starchy, refined carbohydrates such as potato, wheat, and grains that are processed far beyond their natural state. These break down very quickly to sugar, which the pancreas converts to fat by producing insulin. However, too much can result in diabetes and excess fat storage.
It all comes down to the quality of the calories we are eating: try to keep it real and natural. Natural fats, fresh vegetables and good quality meats are much better building blocks and fuel than calories made in a laboratory or food filled with ingredients you wouldn't cook with at home.
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