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The first UK Spinal Awareness Week
As a member of the United Chiropractic Association Media Group, Estelle has been involved in launching the first ever Spinal Awareness Week. Between May 12 and 16, the aim of chiropractors across the country will be to educate people on how correcting their posture can make positive changes to their health.

Good posture is as important as eating right, exercising, sleeping well and avoiding potential harmful addictive substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Great posture begins with the spine and what we all do on a day-today basis. Modern-day risks to a good posture include hunching over a desk, over-use of mobile devices, carrying heavy bags and women wearing high heels.

Give yourself the gift of a balanced spine and body... book an appointment for an assessment so we can check your spine and your posture.
Free spinal screenings during the Tynemouth Food Festival
May 10th, 2014
After you have had fun at the Food Festival, drop in to Naturally Chiropractic for a free spinal screening. It takes a few minutes to check your posture and explain how chiropractic can help you. We will be open from 10am until 2pm on Saturday.
Jan and Gill's anniversary at Naturally Chiropractic

It hardly seems like a year since Gill Simm and Jane Ware joined our team. We have loved having them with us and hope you have too. In line with other local current prices, rates for their services are now £25 for a half hour treatment and £40 per hour.

Yum!! Food
In recent decades, there was a move to get people off eating 'too much' meat as it's not good for you. But was there any real evidence for this?
What's your favourite
meat recipe?
Whatever it is, it needn't be complex. Buy good quality meats and cook them with unprocessed fats like butter, coconut or olive oil.
Meat versus...
~ Many people believed – and were told – that eating a lot of protein could damage your bones. In fact, eating more protein is consistently associated with improved bone density and a lower risk of fracture in old age.
~ Another myth was that meats raised the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes and that proteins increased strain on the kidneys, contributing to kidney failure. The reality is that those with established kidney disease should reduce protein intake, but for healthy individuals protein is perfectly safe and actually reduces two of the main risk factors for kidney disease... diabetes and high blood pressure.

The human digestive system was designed to process and make full use of the healthy fats, proteins and nutrients found in animal foods. Meats contain proteins which are crucial for muscles and bone function. PLUS eating a high protein diet has many other benefits, including increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

~ Go on... enjoy!
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