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The clock is ticking...
And aren't we all pleased that we are nearing the end of such a long wet winter? The daffodills and snow drops are poking their glorious faces up and that means many of us are heading outside to start clearing the garden of the soggy leaves that have been there for far too long.
Your enthusiasm might be kicking in, but all that bending can put a strain on your back so but be careful not to overdo it. Before you head out, do some gentle exercises and keep the bending to a few short sessions.
Start with a few basic squats or sit down on a dining chair without using any support. Touch your bum to the seat, then stand up again, pause, breathe, do it again five times. Use your thigh and leg muscles and do NOT use your hands. When you feel comforatble with this, try the same excercise with a lower chair, like the sofa or even the loo. This will help strengthen your quadricep (thigh) muscles as these are the first to lose tone and strength.
And don't forget, if you do do anything that causes pain, make sure of you put an ice-pack on it immediately, then call for an appointment as soon as you can.
Nordic Oil...
We all know that Omega 3 is good for our health but most of us don't get enough in our diet. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are particularly good for helping to reduce inflammation and reduce neck and back pain. We recommend Nordic Oil as a premier Omega 3 supplement due to it's high quality, purity and use of sustainable fish sources. Capsules are £10 for 60 (30 days supply) or two bottles for £18.
Purchase online here.
Yum!! Food...
This year, we are aiming to dispel some of the myths that have given certain foods a bad reputation – but for all the wrong reasons.
~ Coffee has a bad reputation but have ever wondered why? It is true that coffee can elevate blood pressure but some long term studies show that it may also reduce your risk of some serious diseases.
~ Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of getting Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and liver diseases like cirrhosis. Studies that examined the effects of caffeine on the brain, show that it can improve mood, memory, reaction times and overall brain function.

Caffeine helps to mobilize fatty acids from the fat tissues, boosting metabolism and increases exercise performance.

~ Coffee is also loaded with antioxidants and is the biggest source of them in the modern diet, outranking both fruits and vegetables combined.
~ If you just adore your morning coffee but would like to add some additional health benefits to it, try this recipe. It may sound unusual, but it's delicious. Put a mug of your best freshly brewed coffee in a blender, add an egg yolk (for protein) and a tablespoon of coconut oil (a healthy fat that is good for your nervous system) then whizz to a froth. Add a little honey if you like your coffee sweet. This turns into the most amazing 'latte' style drink you will ever taste and it's good for you!
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