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The stress factor...
In our increasingly busy and complicated world, there are many factors that can cause us problems, which mean we often feel less than our best. Perhaps you spend all day hunched at a desk, your work environment is noisy or something happens in your family circle to cause you concern. Whatever the issue is, the root of the problem is that your nervous system is reacting to negative factors in your life.

One effect of chronic stress is prolonged muscle tension and contraction, which in turn creates uneven pressures on the bony structures of the body, often leading to misalignment of the spinal column. And that is where chiropractic comes in. Although it works primarily with the spine, which is the root of the nervous system, an adjustment can release pressure to help your body return to a more balanced and relaxed state.

Drop in for an assessment and we will see how we can help.

Last month, we were very excited that Beth, our webmaster and marketing consultant, visited Naturally Chiropractic to see the practice in action. Part of her brief was to watch the day-to-day goings on so that we can best represent our beliefs and aims online. And the other part was to get some photos of Estelle in action. Many thanks from all of us to all of you who took part.
Yum!! Food
On the subject of stress, there are many tried and trusted foods that can help improve the way you feel.

Here are a
few healthy options.

Stress-busting snacks

Tea and chocolate? Everyone turns to tea whenever there's a drama. Simply taking a break relieves pressure, but scientists discovered that tea (black or green but preferably milk free) can reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Dark chocolate also helps reduce cortisol, plus it improves vascular health by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. However, it must be dark chocolate – the additives in milk chocolate negate the good activity.

~ Get fruity: we all know that citrus fruit is full of vitamin C, a vitamin that can curb levels of stress hormones, strengthen the immune system and potentially improve blood pressure levels. However, make sure you are eating fresh fruits – processed juices are fully of nasty chemicals.
Eat your greens! Spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables are good magnesium sources. A lack of magnesium may trigger headaches and fatigue, compounding the effects of stress.
Feeling nutty? Nuts and seeds are good sources of healthy fats. Eating a handful of walnuts or almonds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds daily may help lower cholesterol, ease inflammation in your heart and make diabetes less likely – all ways to protect yourself against the effects of stress.
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