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Hobbling along
As some of you already know, Estelle is currently – and rather unexpectedly – hobbling about on crutches. What started as a minor operation to repair a torn cartilage became a complete rebuild of the ligaments in her knee. After a few grumbles about what a nuisance crutches are, it seemed like the perfect time to talk about the rehabilitation of any injuries!
Obviously, you will be feeling pretty grotty and getting better quicker all depends on the type of injury or operation you have had. It's very important to follow the specific advice of your health team: don't push things too fast, do your recommended exercises, always ask for help and ensure you have plenty of healthy treats to hand. You do deserve them!
If you are going to be laid up at home for a while, set yourself some tasks: write to all your friends, do a jigsaw puzzle, start and finish a book... and catch up on all the sleep you've missed in the last year or two!
Visiting the practice...
and our new BLOG!
Jo Clifford is now back after her maternity leave and is doing some extra shifts to cover for Estelle. Vanessa has picked up a few extra sessions too, so as always, we are here if you need us. You will still see Estelle around at the practice as she will be working, but she won't be adjusting for a little while yet.

In the meantime, take a look at our new blog. Feeding through from our Facebook page, it's full of ideas and thoughts for a healthy positive lifestyle.


There are a lot of treats that we sometimes regard as a bit naughty, but if you have just had some sort of health set-back, you can cheer yourself up with one of these and still be healthy and happy.

A nice cup of tea!
It's always important to drink fluids. That famed remedy of a cup of tea is based in fact. Hot and soothing, tea is good for you. What is even better than standard black tea is green tea or matcha (ground green tea), which is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, plus it contains flavonoids that have been shown to have an antioxidant effect.

Bacon sarnies
Just the thought gets your mouth watering doesn't it! The protein hit in bacon will help rebuild your body and improve energy levels. If you are trying to be grain or gluten free, cook the rashers, take some large lettuce leaves (icebergs are perfect for this), spread with some good quality mayonnaise, add a few slices of tomato and the bacon, then roll into a sausage. Super healthy BLT sarnies!

Banana bliss
This Aussie BBQ classic can easily be done in the oven or grill. Lay a banana on it's side, pull back just one section of peel, cut a split in the banana and stuff with squares of dark chocolate. Place the peel back on top and bake until the chocolate is melted. (If you are BBQing, wrap the fruit in foil).

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