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It's all about spines!

Spinal Awareness Week
11th – 15th May is:

OK, you know that – but what you didn't know is it is also Spinal Awareness Week this month. Every year, the United Chiropractic Association organizes this event when we chiropractors aim to educate and encourage people to introduce some changes to their lifestyle that will allow them to move better and ultimately live better.
This year's theme ‘Move Better-Live Better’ focuses on those of us who are older in years but young at heart, to improve and maintain spinal flexibility plus improve posture and balance. To coordinate with the national initiative, we are offering new clients the opportunity to book in for a free spinal screening.
During this short assessment, we can advise on how chiropractic care and exercise can have a huge effect on health and mobility so if you know anyone who would benefit from this, please get them to contact us.
Book a free spinal screening here but please note these are subject to availability.
PS: No proof of age required and we won't mind if you are younger or older.
Headline news!
Naturally Chiropractic shopping bags
The other day we stumbled across a few more of our amazingly popular Naturally Chiropractic shopping bags that had been "filed" in a safe place.
If you didn't get one last year, feel free to drop in to the practice and exchange a donation for St Oswald's Hospice for one of these.
Good health comes Naturally...
It’s all about how you move, what you think and how you eat, which is why we love the Tynemouth Food Festival. Being held at the Priory, the festival will be running all day on both May 10 and 11, we will be there supporting some of our favourite local businesses so hope to see you there too.
Back to normal
We are also very pleased to let you know that things are returning to normal at the practice as Estelle is back to work with Jo and Vanessa. What a team! You can book a session for any of us at whatever time suits you best, but if you have a particular request, Estelle is in Mondays and Thursdays plus Wednesday mornings; Jo is in Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon plus Friday morning and Vanessa works Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
And ssshhhhhh...
We were going to leave out our healthy treats this month, but someone had a moan (no names mentioned!). So here we go! We suggest you nip over to the Food Fair, pick up the ingredients and get making!
350 grams fresh or frozen berries
1 tbsp honey
A few mint leaves
Fizzy water
Pimms, vodka or gin (optional naughty bit)
Using any variety – or a mixture, – of summer berries, blend the fruit with the honey until liquid, then pour into an ice cube tray to set. Put two cubes into a tall glass, top with fizzy water and a few mint leaves. For a lightweight cocktail, add some Pimms, gin or vodka but assess carefully how much you are adding.
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