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Breath in, breath out
...and relax.
We appear to be keeping tabs on everyone's mental health at the moment. However, when it comes to both stress busting and general peace-of-mind, there is nothing quite like a massage to keep you in top shape.
As many of you already know, upstairs at Naturally Chiropractic we have our alternative therapy rooms. What you may not know is how helpful these therapies are to you as well as us.
A massage can be tailored to whatever your current problem might be... sore arms from doing the gardening or discomfort in your back from sitting behind your desk all day. Or, of course, just a special treat. A massage can help lower your blood pressure, sleep better and simply make you feel relaxed, but it's also a benefit to getting adjusted. A relaxed client makes our jobs as chiropractors a little easier as people who are relaxed also hold their adjustment better.
Our masseuses, Jan and Gill are available on alternate days at the practice, so call or drop us a note via this link.
Gone diving!
Estelle is testing out all the amazing surgical work that was done on her knee by going diving for the first two weeks of this month. While she's playing with the fish, Jo and Vanessa will be keeping the practice running.
A little reminder...
Could we please remind everyone that we do need your email addresses as a point of contact. If you have changed yours recently, please drop us a note here so we can keep our files up to date.
An apple a day!

What a shame we're coming into apple season... actually, although it means that the weather is now turning cooler, British apples are at their finest. Head to your local farmers market and you will find an incredible variety of home-grown ones with fabulous names like Chivers Delight, Kanzi and Christmas Pippin.

This fruit salad makes the most of the apple-a-day principle.

~ a farm-fresh apple
~ a ripe banana
~ a handful of strawberries OR
~ mango OR grapes
~ 1 large handful of coconut flakes ~ ~ OR almonds OR sunflower seeds
~ coconut milk (or milk of choice)
This is the simplest recipe ever and can be used as a breakfast, dessert or any-time super-healthy snack. Feel free to vary the ingredients any way you like but keep the apple in for crunch and at least one nutty option for healthy oils and protein.
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