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Kerri Elston Doherty has been a chiropractor for 18 years. Having started her career in San Francisco, she arrives in Newcastle via – most recently – Ireland.
Why I am a Chiropractor is simply down to sheer, dumb "luck" and one big promise. In 1991, I was 'lucky'. I had come through a roll-over car accident without a scratch on me. And 3 years later, in the space of 2 weeks' time, I could barely hobble around.

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In 1994, I was 'lucky', again. I had an amazing doctor who, after not being able to find anything wrong with me, sent me to a Chiropractor. There, I experienced exactly what it means to have a properly functioning nervous system – finally, I began to heal. Not only did I recover well from the delayed effects of trauma, but my digestion and the migraine headaches that had nagged me for years started to improve in ways I'd simply given up on.

You see, I WENT to a chiropractor because I was, frankly, desperate.
I BECAME a chiropractor because I knew this was different.

Nearly 18 years on, after graduating Life Chiropractic College West (San Francisco) in 1999, my career has allowed me to blend my loves of travel and freedom of choice in healthcare, settling in 2005 to make the UK my home. Through the 'luck' of being a chiropractor, I have enjoyed caring for people as an associate, a locum, and a consultant to touring West End performers – people who just needed to know there could be another way.

I've had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Estelle as executive members of our chiropractic association. And I jumped at the opportunity to work with her in expanding our care of our community!

The biggest joys of my life are my husband, Charlie, our cheeky children, Sophia and Daniel (who decided to arrive in this world together), and an utterly consuming love of Barbershop Singing! We are delighted to come to Newcastle to be with extended family.

A conversation with Kerri...
In September 2017, Kerri told us a little more about her past and shared her thoughts on the future. Read it here.

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