The chiropractic world,
Last month Estelle went to the 3-day Rubicon Conference in London that was attended by chiropractors from across the World. The aim was to educate and inform us of new developments and continuing research into how the brain and body communicate with each other and how we can utilize this in our chiropractic practices.
Speakers included the amazing Heidi Haavik who travelled over from New Zealand. As both a chiropractor and neurophysiologist, her ongoing research is incredibly interesting and is teaching us more about how the spine influences the brains function. Likewise, Scott Rosa spoke about using dynamic MRI to demonstrate changes in fluid flow around the brain pre and post adjustment.
We are looking forward to using everything Estelle learned at the practice. If you would like to know more, let us know next time you are in.
then back home,
When you do come to see us next, you will also see our wonderful new look (hopefully completed by the 10th of April). The practice now has a private adjustment room downstairs – that's the work in progress on the left – plus an open adjustment area upstairs. We appreciate it has been difficult to get appointments in recently as we are all very busy, but this will enable us to bring in another chiropractor so you and your families can continue to get the amazing care you expect from our practice team.
Estelle will be away for a couple of weeks but back in time for the work upstairs to finish. She will be testing her hard work and rehab on her knee by trying to get back on skis... and Jo will be covering some extra shifts to keep you all adjusted in the meantime.
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and at your home.
Although Easter has just been and gone, eggs are always on our minds as they are incredibly good brain food. We were reminded of one of our favourite Aussie childhood recipes and had a good laugh at how we always made marbled eggs at Easter and devilled eggs for parties. These are super-retro but loads of fun and healthy!
Marbled eggs: hard boil some eggs, cool completely then grab a spoon and tap them gently all over to crack the shell in a cobweb pattern. Be careful not to break the shell all the way through. Place the eggs in a plastic bag and add a tablespoon of organic food colouring (or be like our mums and use Worcester or soy sauce), roll the eggs to coat then leave for a couple of hours. Rinse them off, peel carefully and reveal the wonderful pattern!
Devilled eggs: hard boil some eggs then let them cool. Peel and slice in half then use a teaspoon to pop the yolks out. Chop these then, in a bowl, add salt, pepper, mustard, some olive oil and flavourings of your choice – try chopped crispy bacon, spring onions or some fresh herbs. Next, use two teaspoons to create yolk sized balls and sit these back in the halved eggs.
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