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What makes us tick...

The old grey matter, the internal hard drive, what's up top... all funny terms for the part of our bodies that make us tick. But no matter how amusing these terms are, what happens in our brains needs to be looked after just as much as our bodies.
To make sure that we, as chiropractors, keep on top of that Estelle and Jo just participated in a hands-on conference to learn the latest techniques on integrating mental exercises into our treatments.
These are specifically aimed at ramping up the response rate between brain and spinal signals so that stress factors can be released as quickly as possible. It was a highly educational course and we are looking forward to putting some of these new techniques into practice.
What's going on...
As we head towards the summer months – fingers crossed – Naturally Chiropractic is settling in to our adjusting areas, new schedules and our lovely new chiropractor, Kerri Elston Doherty who wanted to say thanks for such a warm Newcastle welcome.
Along with our friends and colleagues at Exacta Research, during July and August we will be raising funds for the Children's Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital in Jesmond. Buy a raffle ticket for just £1 and you’ll be contributing to the amazing work done for children with heart issues plus you could win fantastic prize. The list is on our notice board. Good luck!
Lastly, we would also like to say thanks for so many positive comments on everything that has happened to create our new-style practice and for all your enthusiasm for the birth of our sister website, Living Naturally.

What to eat - brain food!
Along with the good work that can done via chiropractic, there is another way to encourage your brain processes and responses. It's very important to ensure you eat well and certain foods will do just that. Have a read of this article over at Living Naturally, which will explain what is good for you – even when you think it isn't.
Coconut Coffee
Much maligned and misunderstood, good quality coffee made from beans (not that terrible processed goo in a jar) is actually very good for you. Studies on caffeinated coffee have shown that it may slow Alzheimer's or even prevent it from developing. It can also act as an antioxidant and is good for your liver. Drink coffee in the morning and it boosts liver function. Don't over-do it and consider trying this delicious, extra healthy version.
Freshly brewed coffee, coconut milk
There's no need to give up that vital morning coffee with a dash of milk but for a change, take out the cows milk and use coconut milk instead. This is surprisingly good as the flavour does not overwhelm the coffee.
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