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Seasons change!

It's the end of the summer, and what a mess it has been this year. Those odd weeks of bright sunshine are now leading to far more overcast days, rainy spells and cold nights. It's a time for many, especially the older generation, to head off for a winter break somewhere warmer and more relaxed.
However, did you know that we can still get sunburned? Even in the winter, the sun can be much stronger than you think so be careful. Don't "binge" sunbathe in an effort to get an instant tan – although a gentle dose of the sun can be good for you. It's our main supply of vitamin D, which has been shown to reduce cancer risks and immune system problems. However, growing evidence also suggests that the chemicals used to produce suntan lotion may be related to skin problems and skin cancer. Remember that a little bit of sun will stimulate your body to produce Vitamin D so if you slowly build a glow, it is good for you.
Remember too. be careful what products you buy. If you would like a high-quality vitamin D supplement, we now stock this at the practice.
What's going on...
This month we are inviting those amongst us with more life experience to drop in for an assessment. Did you know that getting adjusted can help your sense of balance and consequently reduce the risk of falling? We're happy to give you the once-over and make recommendations on what chiropractic can do to help.
Sometimes we find it hard to believe how quickly the months go by... but we are looking forward to Toy Day, our most important community and charity day in the year. This is when we ask those who visit that day to donate a toy, or some non-perishable food items, in lieu of paying for their adjustment. Items are then distributed by the Salvation Army and The Whitley Bay Food Bank.
This event has always been very successful and we really appreciate you helping.
Toy Day is December 7th so if you would like to book an adjustment for that day, please fill in this form.
To wheat or not to wheat?
Our parents and grandparents can all recall a time when there was very little concern over certain food types and what they do to you. There have always been those people with allergies to things like nuts, but our daily bread?
More and more people are being diagnosed with auto-immune diseases such as coeliac disease. Yet ancient breads were not thought to cause these health issues. Now though, many grains that are used to produce commercial breads are hybridised, genetically modified or sprayed with chemicals in the non-stop merry-go-round of trying to produce more for less.
If you find you are having stomach problems and are eating a lot of super-market style breads, try a week of eating sourdough bread instead. This style of bread is made with a fermented starter, which breaks down the phytates in the wheat grains, making it more palatable and easier to digest.
You'll find sourdough bread in good deli's or organic food stores or, if you fancy trying it yourself, there are plenty of recipes on the internet.
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