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February at Naturally Chiropractic:
It's with some sadness that we say an incredibly fond farewell to Jan Pearson who has decided it really is time to retire. She won't disappear forever though, and will come back to help us out during holiday periods. At the same time we are delighted to bring Rebecca (surname) into the fold. Some of you may have met her when she helped out (when?), but she is now with us permanently.
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THINK The Happiness Project
Estelle recently read The Happiness Project by American Author, Gretchen Rubin. She says "

copy please, about 6 lines.....

In total I think....

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.MOVE The greatest daily exercise?
Can you squat? Just think about out it... we nee dto move daily, constatntly to maintain our bodies functionality. And yes, we all get a bit miffed with it. Yet squatting is a foundation of human movement — we do it constantly without thinking about it but we don't always do iy as well as we could. Sit in a chair, on the loo, down to get get something from a bottom drawer. When you squat proeroply you build and strengten muscles, increase energy levels, burmnfat and more. And you can do this just by added a few repeats every time you perform a daily task.
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.EAT Instant Gratification
Nothing can be better that hot food on cold days so we have added an almost instant curry recipe to inspire you. This uses a mere 5 ingredients, so it's quick, easy and very warming!
Ingredients for meat-eaters Options for vegetarians
2 chicken breasts
1 large onion and 1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons red curry paste
2 small heads broccoli
1 can coconut milk
Coconut oil
Use 1 can chickpeas instead of the chicken Add 100 grams each of mushrooms, courgettes and

Saute the chicken strips, onion slices and chopped garlic in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for 4-5 minutes. Add the curry paste and stir for a minute then the broccoli broken into florets. After a few minutes, add the coconut milk and let simmer for 5-8 minutes.

Done! Serve with wholegrain brown rice or caulioflower rice.

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