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We love kids... big kids, little kids, just born kids, even those who think they are still kids despite having their bus pass. This month, our focus is on how we can help your little ones to eat, move and think THEIR way to better health.
MOVE«Vital from the start__

In line with Spinal Awareness Week, this month we are want to talk about the importance of movement from the very first day a baby is born. A newborn spine is subjected to a variety of stresses that might include the birth itself, along with their environment and the bumps and falls they experience on a daily basis. Children are resilient and very flexible so, as they age, they can recover quickly. However, the rough and tumble of daily life can leave lasting effects.

To ensure optimum health for your youngsters, why not bring them in to visit the clinic? They can see what goes on, get to know us all and feel comfortable with the idea of making chiropractic part of their lives. We will give them a free screening while they are here just to prove how easy it all is!
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THINK« Being creative __
While we often talk about exercising our bodies to ensure they remain as fit and supple as possible, another very important form of exercise is the way we give our brains a work out. Reading and learning keep the grey matter moving and another way that is specially important for kids is encouraging them to be creative so get them drawing, building and making things.
Over Easter we ran our annual colouring competition and are pleased to announce the winner of the under 6 age group was Sophie, while Angus came out top in the over 6 group with a special mention for both Zoe and Isla, who were given special runner up prizes. We were also "encouraged" to add an extra category for the Big Kids, which resulted in a tie. Prizes went to Janet and Sheila who don't have to admit their ages.
.EAT« Snacks for kids __
Cookie monsters, refrigerator raiders, bottomless pits. Almost all kids have voracious appetites especially when they get home from school. No more pre-bought, sugar and chemical loaded snacks if you want them at their best... try these instead. Simple as simple.
Apple-nut cookies Fruit Rainbows
• Slice and core one apple per child
• Spread each slice with peanut butter, almond or sunflower butter
• Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips

• Serve the kids, and try not to steal too many slices for yourself!
For 4 people prepare 4 each of:
rasberries, strawberries, tangerine segments, mango cubes, banana slices, kiwi fruit chunks, green grapes, red grapes and blueberries. Thread onto skewers in the order listed to make rainbows. Done.
For adults, this principle is also good for celery sticks, slices of red pepper or courgette chunks. If you want to treat the kids, you could melt some dark chocolate and drizzle over the top... oops, that's for the grown-ups.
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