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This month, we continue our series of conversations with the people who make up the Naturally Chiropractic team. We know you are enjoying to get to know us better – thanks for the feedback – so more next month!
TALK a conversation with Joanne Clifford _

Jo has been a chiropractor for 13 years, having trained in the beautiful, Welsh Vale of Glamorgan.

You were born here in North Shields so what made you head south and over the border to study in Wales?
After having Chiropractic care as a teenager to keep me horse riding, having been advised to give it up due to lower back pain, I decided that a career in Chiropractic was definitely for me. Not wanting to move too far from the North East of England there was not much choice University wise, either South Wales or Bournemouth, which was a private college and expensive. I applied to the University of Glamorgan, was offered a place, and off I went!.

You often talk about your love for horses. Tell us about that; what impact it still has on your career and if you think your son will share that passion.
Unfortunately, family life has prevented me horse riding over the past few years, although I did fit in a little ride a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am still holding out hope that Jack, soon to be three, will follow my love of horses and we can persuade my husband that having a pony would be a great idea. I suspect though, that Jack will follow in his dad's footsteps and prefer anything with an engine, whether it be cars, motor bikes, boats or planes, and I will be outvoted!

You also get to travel with your husband, who is a pilot. That must be a great experience for you as a family?
Travel is a big part of our family life. We love visiting new places, both home and abroad. Most free weekends we will be away somewhere. We are currently organising the route for our next trip, the North Coast 500, in a motor home in October. Let's hope the Scottish weather is kind to us!

Do they rely on your skills too?
Yes, we are all regularly adjusted to keep us fit and well, Jack reminds us by asking to come to "mummy’s work for a check up”.

How do you see these things influencing your attitudes and ambitions
I am so happy with life right now, with quality family time before Jack goes to school and time for me and Jack to work in our allotment – we grow all sorts of organic veg and Jack loves taking food home to cook for tea. Yet, I still have enough time at work to do what I love, keeping all our wonderful clients functioning at their best. I do hope to increase my work hours at some point, but at the minute things are perfect.

Next month, we'll be chatting with Estelle...
.EAT Quinoa Porridge__
Jo and Jack are an inspiration for healthy eating. And now that it's getting colder, why not try this fabulous and fruity breakfast – Quinoa Porridge.
100g quinoa (uncooked)
500ml water
300ml coconut milk (or any milk)
Choose a fruit to sweeten, for example grated apple; a handful of raisins; banana, blueberries or honey.
• Rinse the quinoa and add it to a pan with 500ml of cold water.
• Bring to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until the grains begin to 'split'. Drain any excess water using a sieve.
• Over a low-medium heat, mix the quinoa and coconut milk before adding your natural sweetener.
• Once the milk is absorbed, serve the porridge topped with extra fruit, nuts or seeds and add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg if you like spices!
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