APRIL 2018
Helping you EAT, MOVE and THINK your way to better health
EATING naturally
Dietary changes can often help improve your sense of well being. If you need to to think about your diet because you have a specific problem, like allergies or a disability or some sort, Living Naturally has lots of advice.

Let's face it, life is all about change... from the most positive moments in our lives to those events that knock us for six and we are left wondering what happened. Yet change is an inevitable part of our lives. Charles Darwin said "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change."

Hold that thought as you go through your days, try to see every problem as a challenge and every high point as a reward.
Changes at the practice... __
~ New data protection laws will be in force from late May. These have been designed to protect everyones privacy and are particularly relevant to all businesses that hold personal data on customers, clients and patients. We will be complying with these changes and, over the next few weeks, will be contacting you with details of how we are handling this and what happens with the information we hold. We will also send the appropriate opt-in requests, so would appreciate your replies.
~ Last month, Kerri Elston Doherty left the practice to spend more time focussing on her family. We wish her all the best in her new direction.
A change of diet...__
When it comes to improving our health, changing what we eat and drink can be hard. Yet small changes can make a huge difference.
The first tip we have for almost everyone is to stop eating pre-packaged, pre-manufactured foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives. It may take a little longer, but simple changes like swapping out bottled soft drinks for fresh fruit smoothies can make all the difference to you and your kids.
We have several recipe ideas here that will get you started.
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