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Optimising nutrition :
a seminar
March 1st, 2018 at 7.00pm
Gareth James Chocolatier
12 Front St, Tynemouth
NE30 4DX

This month we are going to take a step back from talking about chiropractic to focus on food and the way it affects our health. It's a subject that is always on our minds: are we eating the right foods, getting enough vitamins and minerals, managing our weight and so on.

Eating well isn't as simple as we are often led to believe especially if you are a person with allergies, have a family with wildly varying schedules or are simply trying to do the right thing to look after yourself.
Fad diets hit the headlines regularly too, yet many have grounds in science and good practice. One that we are being asked a lot about lately is the ketogenic diet, with it's high fat/low carb principles. We have written an article that helps explain it's benefits and why it might be suitable for certain people and not for others.
.Announcing our first seminar __
In line with all this, we have also decided to launch an occasional series of seminars that will help advise on all sorts of health related subjects. We are starting with a talk from Optimising Nutrition.
Our friend and colleague, Kirsty Harwood, will be taking centre stage to explain some basic principles on ways to optimise your diet and will give hints and tips on this very important subject.
The event will be hosted by Gareth James Chocolatier, who is also going to produce some healthy chocolates – like gluten free – for us to try.
Tickets are limited so please do get in touch if you would like to join us.
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