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Estelle Zauner-Maughan studied
Chiropractic in Melbourne and has over
20 years experience serving her clients
in the North East. Estelle’s aim is to help you restore balance to your spine and vitality to your life.
I discovered my path in life and Chiropractic when I was 18. I was certain that I needed to be working with people and was looking into studying medical based courses when a couple of friends who were a year older and already studying Chiropractic in Melbourne, sat me down and told me all about what they were learning. It made sense to me. 

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At the time my mother was terminally ill with cancer and I was struggling to reconcile the treatment she was receiving with her quality of life and health. Chiropractic seemed to offer me a way of helping people in general find a better state of health so that the body could be better equipped to help itself. 

Over the course of my formal education and my travels through life I have discovered a few great passions. My husband Kevin and my family are my greatest passions and focus in life.
I am also a Scuba Diving addict and enjoy travelling the world for its experiences and underwater riches.

Health and teaching people about better health choices are part of who I am. I believe that everyone must make their own choices and path through this life. By empowering people with information and an efficiently running body and nervous system, is to offer the greatest gift
on earth. 

My chiropractic education was at RMIT in Melbourne and I graduated in 1996 before packing my bags and moving to Newcastle in Northern England. I have worked as an associate, locum and have run my own practice before fulfilling my work dreams of a boutique practice with a special emphasis on pregnancy and paediatric care. I have enhanced my education in these areas with courses by Carole Phillips and Neil Davies and have acted as a Doula for friends and clients for over 10 years.

I enjoy giving talks to local interest groups and for 10 years taught Dental Graduates in the North East the benefits of looking after their health and ergonomics through the Postgraduate School of Medicine and Dentistry at Newcastle University.

I am so proud of Naturally Chiropractic and the service that we offer our clients. I hope you enjoy your experiences and learning opportunities  for as long as you need us.

At Naturally Chiropractic, we have a great team that keep the clinic running like clockwork and look after our clients so we can focus on giving great chiropractic care.
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