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We hope to answer your questions about chiropractic care whether you are thinking about visiting a chiropractor for the first time or already have an appointment booked with us.

At Naturally Chiropractic, we are here to help you discover a different way to better health and vitality. If you have any questions or queries that we haven't answered below, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.
Understanding chiropractic
The Reality Check by New Zealand
chiropractor and neurophysiologoist,
Heidi Haavik is based on her (ongoing) research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. It's an easy read for everyone who is interested in how the brain and
body communicate and how chiropractic
can influence this.

Visit the UCA website to purchase
a copy.

Frequently asked questions
What is a Subluxation ?
~ Chiropractors look for and adjust joints that are not moving properly. We call these joint problems a Subluxation. Subluxation literally means less light or less than a dislocation (so it’s not out of place, just stuck!). There has been a lot of research done in recent years around the world into the effect of these joints not moving appropriately. Our understanding at the moment shows that our joints and muscles send messages to the part of our brain that coordinates our actions and recognizes where things are. When these joints and muscles are not working properly our brains ability to recognize and adapt to what is happening around us changes. By improving joint mobility and muscle function, your brains ability to adapt also appears to improve.
~ Whether we use the term spinal mechanical dysfunction, vertebral motion dysfunction or subluxation I believe only matters to the person doing the listening and it is a debate that will continue for years to come within the profession. I know that from all my years of study and working as a Chiropractor that by finding the subluxation and adjusting it, people improve. They feel better, they cope better with stresses, they work better and they have more energy to expend on living life.

For anyone interested in learning more a fabulous resource is a book called The Reality Check by Heidi Haavik based on her (ongoing) research.

What causes a Subluxation?
~ Subluxations are thought to be caused by your body’s response to stress. Physical stresses may include slips, falls and accidents, poor posture at work home or sleeping, or even repetitive movements. Chemical stress such as drugs, pollution, dehydration or poor diet can also have an affect on how the body copes and functions. Even emotional stress such as grief or anger will change and influence how your body carries out its chores. We are designed to react to stress in such a way as we remove ourselves from danger. This is called 'Fight or Flight'. When we are under these stresses for a prolonged period of time our body gets fatigued and can compensate around problem areas in order to keep us going (it’s very clever indeed!). 
What causes a slipped disc?

The discs separate each spinal bone (vertebra) from the next one and firmly attach the bones together (so they can’t actually slip out of place). They are a bit like a cushion or shock absorber. Discs need to move to be nourished and kept flexible. Imbalance in the way our spinal joints move can cause the disc to dry out, crack, bulge, tear or herniate. When a disc bulges it can press on pain-sensitive structures around it and you can then get symptoms from the nerves, muscles, joints or inflammation that are being directly affected by the disc.

At Naturally Chiropractic we try to find the reasons the disc may be inflamed or under pressure and help you correct it.

By addressing this imbalance to the function of the spine and body the pressure can be taken off the disc and the natural healing processes can then work. The body is very clever at being able to resolve things if we let it do its job! Chiropractors are trained to recognize the different problems that can arise with your discs and if conservative care is not working (or inappropriate) refer you to the right person.
What about the bits that hurt?
~ Sometimes the bit that hurts is actually the problem area that needs adjusting. Mostly, however, the bit that hurts is like the person doing overtime in an office to cover for someone’s vacation. At some point the poor overworked area is going to start to complain and eventually threaten to walk off the job! Think of your Chiropractor as the person who finds the worker sitting on the beach with their pina colada and gets them back to work. The poor overworked area can then heal, relax and get back to its normal job.
Is there anyone who can't be adjusted?
~ There are some medical conditions that can affect the structural integrity of your body. There are also some drugs that can cause a problem with your bones and soft tissues. Your chiropractor is trained to know when to adjust and when to leave things alone (or refer you to the appropriate person). There are a number of different ways the spine and joints can be addressed so no matter what your age or state of health the probability is you can be adjusted and your body can work in a much more efficient way.
How long will it take to get better?
~ The body heals in its own time and there are a number of things that contribute to this. The longer you have had a mechanical problem, the longer the muscles, ligaments and other body structures will have changed to compensate for this abnormal pattern. It takes time to get the muscles, ligaments and joints working better and in a more efficient way.

Your chiropractor will work with you to devise a plan of care to help you heal, work more efficiently, and then address any lifestyle factors which may be hindering you from achieving your health goal. Some people simply want to be out of pain and have their symptoms go. Others want to go beyond this and get their bodies fuelled properly and working as best they can. At Naturally Chiropractic we help you achieve your health goals, whatever they may be.

The Naturally Chiropractic Team are confident that chiropractic will offer you greater health and wellness along with a speedy recovery and enhanced lifestyle. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to enrich your life and that of your friends and family.

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