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At Naturally Chiropractic,
we recommend certain complimentary therapies that can aid recovery, reduce stress and aid relaxation.
Complimentary therapies

Jan Ware | Swedish Body massage and Indian Head massage

I have worked in healthcare since beginning work at 18 for the NHS, then for the past 6 years as a massage therapist for several chiropractors.

I enjoy working in this field, as I have always had an interest in natural forms of healing.  When the chance to work with Estelle and her team came up I was delighted to join them, giving patients a first class and friendly service.

I specialise in Swedish Body Massage, a deep relaxing form, which aids blood flow, eases muscle soreness, helps with lymph drainage, and gives an all over feeling of wellbeing.  This therapy goes hand in hand with your chiropractic care.

I’m also qualified in Indian Head Massage, which is perfect for those who suffer from stress headaches, and neck and shoulder tension.

I look forward to seeing you all in clinic soon.
Jan will be at Naturally Chiropractic on Monday and Wednesday.
Clare O'Neill | Sports and Swedish Body massage
~ I have been receiving chiropractic care for most of my adult life and find it beneficial for both the health of my spine but also my general well being. I am a nurse working in the NHS and have always been interested in complimentary therapies as they work well alongside conventional medicine.

20 years ago I trained in Swedish massage and aromatherapy. I had a break in practicing this due to a busy home life bringing up my two boys and concentrating on my nursing career. A few years ago I began running to keep fit and I began to be interested in Sports massage as I saw that athletes were using it to treat and prevent injury. I did my training for this and sports taping . Sports massage can be used for the general maintenance of healthy muscle fibres and joint movement as well as to assist in recovery from injury or dysfunction. As well as giving the recipient a general feeling of well being, massage increases blood flow, releases and flushes out toxins and realigns muscle fibres. It therefore works very well alongside chiropractic.

I have had the pleasure of receiving chiropractic treatment from Estelle since 2003 and am now excited to become part of the team. I look forward to meeting you .

~ Clare will be at Naturally Chiropractic on Fridays.
Hannah Johnson | Swedish Body massage
~ I grew up witnessing and receiving the benefits of massage from my mum and others around me and on returning to the UK last year after teaching in Spain, I finally took the step to develop my own interest in Swedish massage, learn more and be able to pass it on. Massage and chiropractic treatment have helped me to feel physically, mentally and emotionally healthy in my life and now I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work and develop my practice further at Naturally Chiropractic and to help other people in the same way.

I am an experienced tango dancer and love to practise yoga which has also hugely influenced my awareness of the importance of treating our bodies with respect and being switched on to what is needed to help them work well.

I take a nomadic approach to life generally, loving to travel but also to learn new skills and about new people and ways of thinking. When staying in one place I satisfy my nomad needs by keeping interested in a range of work opportunities from teaching Argentine tango to working with young people and, of course, massage.

~ Hannah will be at Naturally Chiropractic on Thursday mornings.
Catherine Phillipson | Aromatherapy, Reflexology and massage therapies
In my teens, I got into aromatherapy and started making batches of natural soaps, creams, bath bombs and incense. My curiosity led me to a yoga class in the local sports centre. I thought it was magic how yoga could fix a stiff neck or back pain by simply getting into a posture.

Aromatherapy enabled me to turn my bathroom into a spa for my friends and family and for over 15 years, I sold my soaps and aromatherapy preparations at Tynemouth market. This, along with my growing interest in yoga, kicked of my travels to retreats in Turkey, Spain and France, Southern India and Big Sur, California. I volunteered on a conservation project in the Amazon in Peru to secure a reserve status for a plot of land for identifying medicinal plants and animals, so putting Aromatherapy to the test by deterring insects and treating bites, remedying headaches and tummy upsets.

Next, it was Asia and India, exploring massage and yoga and sourcing ingredients from their country of origin to make into cosmetics and incense. Returning home after some 10 years of wanderlust, I qualified as a Complimentary Therapist and worked in spas, health clinics and retreats before returning to India to qualify in Yoga Teacher Training at the Himalayan Yoga Institute. Seasonally, I make a range of vegetarian and vegan handmade soaps, massage bars, natural perfumes, oils and incense. Look out for my basket!! I also like wild swimming, nature, making things and dancing.

~ Catherine will be at Naturally Chiropractic Tuesday all day and Thursday afternoon.
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