August 2018
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Place your bets... The countdown is on and we are all waiting rather (im)patiently for the arrival of Baby Clifford no.2. It's only a short time to wait now, but we also know that babies will arrive in their own time.
To get things off to a flying start, we are running a sweepstake and would love it if you could join in. The winner will be treated to a prize from the amazing Gareth James Chocolatiers.
There's just three questions to answer:
Boy or Girl ? Birth weight ?
Date of arrival (September sometime?)

The reception team will be keeping track of your guesses/entries.

Meanwhile, at the practice... __
All the above leads us to say Jo's away on maternity leave and Estelle may be very busy. We will be working hard to ensure everyone is seen and may tweak our practice hours a little so that Estelle doesn't fall over in the next 9 months. We will be taking a short break and the practice will be closed from August 6-13 and then back as usual to help keep you all aligned. Ros and Tracy are organising bookings for August so please call in or request an appointment online. We will get back to you with a confirmation.
We also have a lovely new therapist to introduce you to. Catherine Phillipson is bringing her Aromatherapy and Reflexology skills to Naturally Chiropractic. She also trained in various massage therapies and yoga and will work on Tuesdays, all day, and Thursday afternoons. There is more about her here.
Baby boosters ...__
Although we're not all about to produce a little miracle, we do need an energy boost at times. Quick, pre-made snacks are often tempting, but also often filled with unmentionable additives. Go natural, especially for your main meals!
Snacks: Blue berries, pink berries... Mix a handful of blueberries with rasberries, dribble some honey over and let soak for 10 minutes. Either eat as is or blitz into a smoothie with cold water or coconut milk. It will come out purple though...
Meals: Grill a fillet of pretty pink salmon after drizzling with olive oil and lime juice. Serve on a bed of fresh salad leaves like baby spinach. If you have some borage flowers in the garden, sprinkle some over for a hint of cucumber and a touch of blue!
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