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Chiropractic is about body balance and helping our clients to reach their optimal health potential.

We see people of all ages. However, a lot of people might wonder why they would want their children adjusted by a chiropractor.
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Children enjoy life to the full and do their daily best to use the abundance of energy they have. Their health is vital to this enjoyment of life and their wellbeing.

From birth, a child's spine and body is subjected to a variety of stresses. Their birth itself can be one of these, along with the environment in which they live, the diet they eat (and the chemicals in most modern foods), the bumps and falls they experience on a daily basis.

Children are resilient and very flexible and in an ideal situation they recover quickly and completely from these stresses. They are perfectly able to balance and correct themselves in most circumstances. Every now and then however some of the stressors they encounter can have longer lasting effects and the body is not as able to balance itself. Over time, the body responds to these problems with tension and the body slowly becomes inflexible. Many cases of spinal degeneration in adults can be traced back to injuries and stresses occurring during childhood.

Chiropractors are highly trained in safe, effective methods to detect and correct these problems, helping your children to thrive and develop to their best. At Naturally Chiropractic the children we see sleep better, are full of energy, recover quickly from illness.

What are the warning signs your child is not adapting to stressors?

~ their shoes wear unevenly
~ they can’t take a satisfying deep breath

their jaw clicks

~ they have to crack their neck, back and other joints often
~ they can’t twist or turn their head or hips to either side easily and equally
~ they are often fatigued
~ they have poor concentration
~ they have low resistance to disease – they catch everything!
~ their foot flares out when walking
~ one leg appears shorter than the other
~ they have poor posture
~ they have headaches, backaches, sore or tender spots in muscles and joints
~ they feel stiffness in their back and neck
~ they just don’t feel right, they are in general poor health
~ they have interrupted sleep patterns
~ they suffer irregular bowel movements

Tips for backpacks and schoolbags

The purpose of the humble backpack is to distribute weight evenly over the lower spine and hips, not over the shoulders as commonly thought.

Unfortunately it’s no longer the trend to wear a strap on both shoulders, which is essential for proper use of the bag. This can have wide ranging effects on the growing spine. When normal spinal mechanics are sacrificed, potential damage of the spine and nerve function can occur.

The essential points to look for when buying a backpack are:


Padded adjustable shoulder straps and ideally a strap that goes around the waist too

~ Contoured back panel
~ Compression straps on either side of the bag that can be tightened when the bag is relatively empty to keep the loading close to the spine
Sternal straps that link both shoulder straps at the front

When packing a schoolbag (backpack ideally!), pack the heaviest items at the bottom. If the bag is particularly heavy on certain days, a lift to and from school is ideally preferred.

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