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Why would a pregnant woman want to see a Chiropractor?

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through physical changes including changes in hormones, posture, ligament structure, not to mention the emotional stresses surrounding impending parenthood.
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Pelvic pain and back pain are common during pregnancy and may indicate that your body is expressing an inability to cope with these physical changes or with other pre-existing imbalances in the body’s mechanics.

The methods (or techniques) that are used to adjust the spinal function can be adapted to safely accommodate the changes your body is going through during all stages of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, this means Chiropractic care may

reduce tension and imbalance in the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine and pelvis so you (and your baby) are more comfortable

~ improve your ability to cope with the physical and emotional stresses pregnancy brings
~ increase your ability to maintain your exercise levels through pregnancy
After your baby arrives, Chiropractic care can

help your body recover from the preceding nine months

~ encourage it to adapt efficiently to the new challenges of being a mother
~ help maintain a healthy lifestyle making more informed natural choices
For advice and further information on improving your pregnancy and birth experience, we recommend you take a look at these helpful websites:

Spinning Babies: a site that focuses on optimal baby bump position

~ Positive Child Birthing: evidence-based child birth and breastfeeding education
~ IMUK: how to find an independant midwife
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chiropractic care might help you,
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