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People of all ages choose to see a chiropractor when they discover pain is interfering with their life in some way.

Many people visit a chiropractor either because they have an ache or pain that is interfering with their life in some way, they have had an accident, or because they have been referred by a friend who has noticed how much better they feel after having their spine checked.
Grown ups
For those with back pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, neck pain, arm or leg pain, carpal tunnel, or any number of complaints... it reaches a point whereby your lifestyle is being challenged and you are driven to try something different to 'sort the problem out'. Chiropractic can help you!

For example, if you are sitting behind a computer all day you may be repeatedly straining your body by sitting in a constrained position. Chiropractors address your spinal function, freeing up any areas that are not moving and teach you how to adapt your work position so the problem is less likely to return.

Chiropractic care can help with

pains in the back, shoulder or neck



~ carpal tunnel
~ arms and legs

At Naturally Chiropractic we aim to help you heal the area that is sore (or taking up all the extra strain), address the area that is not working (and creating those areas of pain or over work) and teach you how to work with your body in the longer term so the problems are less likely to return.

Sometimes people are referred to us by friends and family because they want to feel or work better or they have noticed changes in their friends thanks to seeing a chiropractor regularly.

An example of this is a gentleman who came to see us with leg pain. After a course of care he is now sleeping better and has such improved function that he is now back to hill walking with his friends – an activity he long gave up as he believed he was 'too old'. His partner has noticed how much more sprightly he is and is coming in to see us so she can keep up! 

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