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How Naturally Chiropractic can help active people with sports performance and injury recovery

The human body is designed to move. Exercise acts as a stress relief, increases your resistance to disease, releases happy hormones that make us feel good about ourselves and our life. It also helps us manage our weight.
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Athletes from the beginner/amateur to the elite can benefit from Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic can help you:-

keep your muscles and body mobile and flexible


By keeping your body working at its best chiropractic aims to help you maximise your strength and energy levels

~ lessen the chance of injury and increase recovery time when injury does occur

Many elite athletes in the North East and around the world use chiropractic care to keep them ahead of their opponents and keep competing at their best. Chiropractors are on the staff of sporting teams worldwide and work as part of the health care teams for major sporting events such as the Olympics and Para-Olympics and the Koes Clinical Trial (1991)* found that chiropractic care was more effective than physiotherapy in improving physical functioning in fewer visits.

Athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt are advocates of regular chiropractic care and regularly credit their ability to perform and recover to regular chiropractic adjustments.

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chiropractic care might help you,
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* The Koes Trial (Koes, B W , Bouter, LM et al) was a blinded randomized clinical trial of manual therapy and physiotherapy for chronic back and neck complaints: physical outcome measures. JMPT. Jan 1992; 15(1): 16-23
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